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Wound & Skin Care


Clireon is an all-in-one solution for the management of your animals’ minor wounds & skin irritations.

About Our Hypochlorous Acid Wound Care Products

For pet owners, nothing is worse than seeing your companion in pain. When your pet is beginning to feel discomfort from a specific ailment, you'll want to act fast. Fortunately, our hypochlorous acid wound care products can help. Our animal wound treatment items contain all-natural ingredients, including a small amount of hypochlorous acid, to help reduce bacteria and viruses, and manage the symptoms of burns, wounds, or other types of sores. Whether you need cat wound care or dog wound care, (or even products to help manage rain rot in horses) our spray and gel are completely safe and highly effective.

Animal Wound Treatment FAQ

If you are interested in our animal wound care products, you may be curious about how each item works or if it's needed for your pet. Some severe issues, including chronic or non-healing wounds, will require you to seek help from a professional veterinarian. However, our products are perfect for managing discomfort caused by less severe issues like cuts or hot spots on dogs or cats. Below, we've listed some common questions about our dog and cat wound care spray and gel. If we haven't answered your question, please feel free to contact us, and we'll be more than happy to help.

How Much Spray or Gel Should I Add for Optimal Cat and Dog Wound Care?

For optimal cat and dog wound care, we recommend spraying or applying gel around the wound until it's completely covered. You can do this up to five times per day.

Is Your Animal Wound Treatment Safe for Consumption?

Yes! We understand some pets may lick at their wounds, which is why we only use pure, natural ingredients to ensure our animal wound treatment is safe for pets if licked or accidentally ingested.

Are Your Dog and Cat Wound Care Products Toxic?

No, our dog and cat wound care products are non-toxic and completely safe for the environment. In fact, our spray and gel turn into saline after they're deactivated.

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When your pet suffers from abrasions, burns, or hot spots, give them the support they need with hypochlorous acid wound care products from Clireon!

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