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Top 10 Benefits of Hypochlorous Acid Wound Care for Animals
Top 10 Benefits of Hypochlorous Acid Wound Care for Animals

Top 10 Benefits of Hypochlorous Acid Wound Care for Animals

By Clieron

July 2021

Top 10 Benefits of Hypochlorous Acid Wound Care for Animals

HOCl (otherwise known as Hypochlorous Acid) is a naturally occurring chemical found in the bodies of living organisms. Used by white blood cells arriving first on the scene when an unknown pathogen enters the body, HOCl is released to effectively destroy the pathogen enveloped by the cells. HOCl is the primary active ingredient in Clireon's Wound Care & Skin Care spray and gel, and it can provide your animal with gentle, effective care to help manage sores, cuts, abrasions, burns, hot spots, skin irritations, saddle wounds, and post-surgical wounds.

Why Should You Use HOCl for Your Animals’ Minor Wounds?

The benefits of hypochlorous acid wound care are unmatched when it comes to managing the symptoms associated with various afflictions in your animals. Clireon specializes in the use of HOCl to keep animals of all types healthy and happy. From hot spots on dogs to rainrot in horses, Clireon's HOCl wound and skin care products carry benefits that allow owners to safely and effectively care for their animals. Read our top 10 list of benefits of HOCl for animal wound care below and find out why animal owners everywhere trust their animal's health to Clireon.

1. Safe for Use on All Animals

Because HOCl is naturally occurring in the body, it's the smartest choice for all animals. Clireon's Hypochlorous Acid Wound Care Spray and Gel can be used on animals big and small at any stage in their development. HOCl is non-toxic, chemical-free, non-irritating, and gentle enough to be ingested or licked by an animal. Its gentle nature makes it ideal for application to areas around the eyes, nose, mouth, or ears, all of which can generally be difficult to care for because of the possibility of causing your animal additional pain.

Clireon's customers have effectively used our products on animals that suffer from injuries and infections the most. Dogs, cats, cows, chickens, horses, and lizards are some of the most common animals that benefit from the use of hypochlorous acid wound care spray, but HOCl is also safe and effective for other pets.

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2. Effective in Managing Dry Skin & Rashes

Dry skin and rashes can be some of the most painful and irritating afflictions for animals. Dry skin in dogs is a prevalent affliction, as dogs are sometimes more vulnerable to seasonal dog allergies, flea allergy dermatitis, parasites, and infections than other animals. HOCl is highly effective in combating the symptoms of dry skin in dogs. Along with soothing qualities to relieve itching and further irritation, hypochlorous acid contains antibacterial properties that can flush out harmful microorganisms, complementing the animal’s natural healing abilities. Of course, our dry skin spray isn't just for dog skin conditions; you can use it for any animal suffering from dry skin.

Hot Spots on Dogs

Hot spots on dogs are among the most common and unruly skin conditions. A hot spot arises when a dog scratches an itch so hard a wound opens and is further irritated by licking, biting, and more scratching. A raw lesion can grow to a massive size and become a big problem in your canine's life. To use Clireon to treat your dog's hot spot, trim the hair around the affected area and apply the dog wound spray to the hot spot until the area is clean. Due to the nature of HOCl, there is no need to rinse your dog’s wound after applying Clireon — you can simply apply a dressing and repeat this process up to five times a day.

3. The Most Effective Remedy for Open Wounds

Open wounds on your animals can range from common occurrences to rarities, but they're almost certainly never easy on animals and owners alike. Active animals who can get rough, like horses and chickens (and the occasionally clumsy dogs or cats), can incur various cuts and wounds. HOCl's gentle qualities make it the ideal solution for at-home wound care, provided the wound is not severe enough to seek veterinary attention. Because of its non-toxic and gentle qualities, you can use Clireon Wound & Skin Care spray to clean wounds even around the eyes, mouth, ears, or nose without fear of hurting your animal, and it can be licked and ingested safely.


4. Can Be Used to Help Manage Infections

Animals are very susceptible to harmful infections that can cause many problems. HOCl helps clean and manage discomfort caused by infections with ease. Hypochlorous acid wound care spray can be used for the following conditions:

  • Yeast infections in dogs can cause red, irritated, or itchy skin, ears, or paws. Using HOCl can effectively soothe these problem areas without fear of irritation or side effects.
  • Bumblefoot in chickens involves pus-filled abscesses covered by black scabies caused by staphylococcus bacteria found on the toes, hocks, and pads of a chicken's foot. It can quickly spread to your whole flock. Managing it with HOCl can reduce bacteria to help control the spread and promote healing of the affected area.
  • Rainrot in horses is caused by the bacterium dermatophilus congolensis and characterized by dry, flaky skin and often missing patches of hair. HOCl can help reduce the bacteria to promote healing of the infection and bring your horse's coat back to its full glory.
  • Mastitis in cows is among the most common infections that affect dairy cows. It is characterized by swelling, redness, and painfulness of the mammary gland. An application of HOCl pre-milking teat dip can effectively reduce microorganisms and help to promote healing of teat cup lesions..

5. Effective on Even the Most Difficult Afflictions

If your animal has a severe wound that requires surgery, it's best to take them to a medical professional. However, hypochlorous acid wound care spray or gel is effective for managing discomfort of post-surgical wounds, helping prevent infection, and soothing the still-fresh wound so your animal will be less tempted to bite and scratch. Other severe afflictions, like a prolapsed vent in chickens (when the lower part of a hen's oviduct is turned inside out), can be effectively managed at home using Clireon's wound care spray or gel. Clireon is an excellent source of hypochlorous acid wound care, offering a great way to help ease pain from prolapses by applying it directly to the effected area.

6. Gentle Enough to Use in Ears

Most proposed remedies and medicines for animals’ ear care are overly acidic, causing irritation and stinging of the ears. HOCl is the ideal solution for safe ear care, whether you're removing a build-up of ear wax or managing symptoms of an ear infection.

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7. Promotes Good Hygiene

HOCl can benefit people and livestock by promoting good hygiene in otherwise crowded and dirty areas. In the world of livestock and cattle, cramped quarters can lead to rapidly spreading infection and injury. Using HOCl as a preventative measure to disinfect stables, coops, and pens helps your livestock stay as healthy as possible.

8. No Side Effects

For other medicines and treatments, such as livestock, cat, and dog antibiotics, side effects are to be expected. Diarrhea and vomiting are two common side effects caused by oral antibiotics, as antibiotics cannot differentiate between "good" and "bad" bacteria in your animal's digestive system. HOCl is guaranteed to come with no additional side effects after use and cannot be overused in any capacity1.

9. Hypochlorous Acid Wound Care is Fast Acting

HOCl is a fast-acting solution for animal care. Within 30 seconds of application, HOCl kills microorganisms on the wound or infection, cleanses the affected area of debris, and begins to soothe the wounded area.

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10. An Environmentally-Friendly Choice

HOCl is a practical, all-natural, and environmentally-friendly alternative for animal care. HOCl is created using natural and sustainable compounds of water and salt, reducing the use of harmful chemicals and their damaging effects on the environment. Choosing HOCl is the environmental choice when managing animal infections or wounds.

A Beneficial Solution to Your Animal Care Problems

Now that you know our top 10 benefits of hypochlorous acid wound care, you can begin to make more informed decisions when it comes to caring for your animals. Whether you're treating sores, cuts, abrasions, burns, hot spots, skin irritations, saddle wounds, or post-surgical wounds, Clireon's HOCl all-in-one solution provides effective and safe care for animals of all sizes. View our shop today and find the spray or gel that will allow your animals to be as healthy and happy as possible.

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Ensure Your Animal's Health with Clireon

Our all-natural HOCl products are fast and effective for wounds and infections without side effects. Shop Clireon to ensure your animal's wound and skin care needs are covered.