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Cat Wound Care
Cat Wound Care

Cat Wound Care

Nothing is worse than seeing your cat suffer with a wound or skin irritations. If you are looking for a safe, steroid-free solution for cat wound care at home, Clireon is just what you need.

Cat Wound Care

The active ingredient in Clireon wound care for cats is Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl). This safe and non-toxic anti-microbial protects and cleans wounds while neutralizing various microorganisms that can cause infection. Clireon cat wound spray and gel are gentle on the skin and actually promote healing instead of damaging the tissue. And because it's non-toxic and steroid-free, you don't have to worry if your kitty licks their wound and ingests it.

This multi-purpose solution for cat wound care at home can be used to:

  • Cleanse
  • Irrigate
  • Debride
  • Moisturize

It helps heal wounds by creating advantageous healing conditions and reduces the risk of infections.

Cat Wound Care At Home

Clireon animal wound and skincare is an all-purpose solution that is perfect for managing cat wound care. Clireon comes in both spray and gel solutions, and is an easy and cost-effective cat wound spray that can help you manage:

  • Cuts
  • Sores
  • Abrasions
  • Hot Spots
  • Post-Surgical Sites
  • Lacerations
  • Inflammation
  • Bite Wounds

Clireon Is Not Just For Cats

If you have other pets or livestock, such as dogs, sheep, horses, pigs and chickens, as well as lizards and other small pets, Clireon is all you need for the management of minor wounds and skin irritations.

Cat Wound Care

Benefits Of Clireon For Cat Wound Care

Clireon animal wound and skin care solution is completely non-toxic and free of steroids and antibiotics, so it is safe for use around your cat's mouth, nose, eyes, and ears, and will not sting, irritate, or burn.

Other benefits of Clireon wound spray for cats include:

  • Reduces chances of infection and scarring
  • Will not stain furniture, skin, or clothes
  • Environmentally-friendly

How To Treat A Cat Wound

When your cat is injured, you are likely wondering if you need to go to the vet or if you are able to provide cat wound care at home. Evaluate the wound and try to stop any bleeding using gentle pressure and a clean gauze or cloth. If the injury is serious, seek veterinary attention immediately. 

If you determine that the wound is not serious, here are some tips on how to treat a cat wound at home:

  1. Try to keep your cat as still as possible. Wrap the pet in a blanket or towel to restrict movement and prevent scratching and biting.
  2. Rinse the wound with Clireon wound spray for cats to clean the site.
  3. Remove any foreign objects, dirt, hair, or damaged tissue.
  4. Apply Clireon cat wound spray or gel and bandage with gauze.
  5. Clean the wound and change dressings two or three times per day.

Keep the bandages clean and dry. Do not allow your cat to chew, lick, or scratch the affected area. If the wound gets worse or you notice any odors, contact your vet.

Clireon Product

All-Natural Cat Wound Care

If you are looking for a steroid-free cat wound treatment, Clireon's safe, non-toxic formula is just what you need for cat wound care at home.

Care for cuts, bites, and other wounds quickly with our wound spray for cats. Help your furry friend today!