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How To Relieve an Open Sore on Cat Skin
How To Relieve an Open Sore on Cat Skin

How To Relieve an Open Sore on Cat Skin

When it comes to our feline friends, one of the worst injuries to discover is an open sore on your cat. At first sight, these wounds may appear serious and prompt us to get on the phone with the vet, panicking that our pet is in danger. However, many instances of open sores on cats can be taken care of right at home in a matter of minutes. Read on to learn more about open sores on cats' skin and how to alleviate them.

How To Relieve an Open Sore on Cat Skin

How Open Sores On Cats Occur

While dogs are more susceptible to injury due to their playful nature, cats are more reserved and cautious, meaning owners often can rest easy knowing that their feline companion is most likely safe from harm. However, whether it's through physical contact or disease, an open sore on cat skin can still form at any point, leaving your pet in discomfort and pain.

There are various circumstances that can cause your pet to develop an open sore, also known as a skin ulcer. Bites from ticks and spiders can lead to open sores on cats, as well as bites from mosquitoes. Cats can also get in fights with other animals, which leaves them vulnerable to open sores on the cat's back, face, or legs. Unfortunately, many cases also stem from forms of illness or infection that include the following:

  • Ringworm
  • Zygomycosis
  • Pyoderma (deep or superficial)
  • Lymphoma
  • Abscesses
  • Skin cancer

Bacterial infections and autoimmune diseases can cause an open sore on cat skin, but if your pet is in relatively great health, it's rather unlikely.

Where To Find Open Sores On Cat

If you've noticed your cat licking at a certain area on their body, they may have a skin ulcer of which you're unaware. Spots on the face and head are fairly easy to identify, but when there's an open sore under the cat's tail, or there are open sores on the cat's back, their licking could be mistaken for the cat simply cleaning itself.

If you do discover a skin ulcer, you have three options — leave the cat alone to let the sore heal on its own, tend to the wound with cat wound care products, or take the cat to the veterinarian under severe circumstances. Many times, these open sores on cats can be alleviated at home with creams or sprays, but if there is excessive licking, visible blood, or constant meowing, it's time to consult a professional.

Open Sores on a Cat

Ways To Help Heal Open Sores On Cats' Skin

There is nothing wrong with contacting a veterinarian, and it's highly recommended during emergency situations. However, if the injury is minor and you simply wish to provide your cat with relief from its skin ulcer, Clireon's all-natural gel and wound spray for cats can help you manage their sores. Here are some tips on how to use our products to alleviate these painful wounds:

Open Sore Under Cat's Tail

An open sore under the cat's tail may give you the most trouble when trying to help your pet. This is because most cats don't like their tails being grabbed, and they may strike when you attempt to apply treatment. In this instance, we suggest using our cat wound spray instead of our gel. This allows you the chance to grab their tail for only a few seconds, spray the open wound and carry on with your day. Our skin care gel is just as effective but applying it under the cat's tail may result in your pet running away before you can add it or scratching you almost immediately.

Open Sores On Cat's Back

If there are open sores on your cat's back, both spray and gel can be used. Again, you'll need to exercise caution when applying either solution as the cat may become agitated. Once you identify the skin sore, add a quarter-sized amount of gel to the wound and rub gently on the spot until it's completely covered, or use the spray to coat it with our soothing formula and avoid minimal contact with your pet.

Open Sores On Cat's Skin

For all other open sores on cat’s skin, such as the paws or ears, using spray or gel is best determined by your specific situation. Make sure you're handling the issue as calmly and patiently as possible to minimize further stress to your cat. And, if you realize the wound is too serious, take a step back and contact your local veterinarian.

Clireon Product

Relieve Open Sores On Cats With Products From Clireon

When you need a home remedy to help you manage your cat's wounds, Clireon's products are effective and safe ways to offer relief. Our spray and gel are both made from natural, non-toxic ingredients that won't cause any harm to your cat if accidentally ingested by licking. Not only are these skin care items great for minimizing the pain of open wounds, but they also can be used on cuts, burns, wounds from surgery, or irritated skin. Animals ranging from horses and cows to lizards can also reap the benefits of these products. Learn more about our selection by contacting us today or purchase a gel or spray to start tending to open sores on your cat.