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The Power of Hypochlorous Acid

As an all-natural antimicrobial, Hypochlorous Acid (HOCI), the active ingredient in Clireon, soothes skin irritations and helps manage wounds, scrapes, cuts, and burns. It can also help kill bacteria and viruses without harming your dog's cells.

How does it work? HOCI oxidizes your dog's cell walls to kill bacteria and destroys toxic components inside the bacteria. It then degrades biofilm and neutralizes inflammatory mediators in your dog's body. This helps reduce bacterial growth on your dog's skin and get him on the road to recovery.

The Care for Dog Wounds Your Canine Deserves

Trusted by animal lovers everywhere, Clireon's all-natural dog wound spray and gel are specifically formulated to be gentle and effective. As the leading form of wound care for dogs, it works hard to help you manage your canine’s wounds and skin irritation while protecting the injured area.

Benefits of Using Clireon Dog Wound Spray and Gel

When you administer our wound care for dogs, you give your pet the very best. Clireon offers the following advantages:

  • Safe for use around mouth, nose, eyes, and ears
  • Not hazardous if licked or ingested
  • Acts as a wound cleanser for dogs
  • Won't cause stinging, irritation, or burning
  • Reduces chances of infection and promotes the healing process
  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic, and steroid-free

Wound Care for Dogs in Action

After carefully inspecting your dog's wound, remove any hair within the area. Apply Clireon directly onto the wound site continually until the wound is clean. Don’t worry about rinsing — this form of wound care for dogs is completely safe and should be left to dry. If you're using a dressing on the wound, you can saturate the dressing with Clireon, and then apply it directly over the area. Repeat these steps up to five times daily as needed.

Wound Gel vs Wound Spray for Dogs

Should you purchase Clireon's wound and skin care spray or wound and skin care gel? Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference. Both options are excellent for helping you manage your dog’s minor injuries, and they offer the same incredible benefits to help provide relief for your dog.

Get Top-Quality Wound Care for Dogs at Clireon

Whether you're looking for a product to help soothe your dog’s skin irritations or help manage dog wounds, Clireon has you and your pet covered. We're dedicated to helping you give your four-legged friend the best possible care, and our products are proof. For relief you can trust, shop Clireon Wound and Skin Care today!