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Non-Toxic Horse Wound Care

Discover the multi-purpose horse wound care solution from Clireon™. Our horse wound spray acts fast to provide relief from minor scrapes, burns, skin conditions, bites from horse fleas, and more. Discover how Clireon works to promote healing without steroids or antibiotics — with no prescription needed!

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Choose Clireon Horse Wound Spray for Fast Relief

Clireon horse wound care products help you manage your horse's wound without toxic ingredients. Our horse wound care spray provides soothing relief from abrasions, horse hot spots, skin irritations, lacerations, etc. It gently debrides, cleanses, and manages wounds without troublesome side effects.

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Hypochlorous Acid for Horse Wound Care

Clireon horse wound spray contains Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) — an all-natural, non-toxic antimicrobial that assists with healing minor wounds, skin irritations, horse cuts, scrapes, and more. Hypochlorous Acid is an all-natural antimicrobial agent that is produced by mammals’ white blood cells to fight bacteria.


Clireon HOCl horse wound spray promotes healing fast. Once sprayed, the formula gets to work immediately, eliminating the bacteria and germs in the wound, then deactivating.

Benefits of Natural Horse Wound Care Products From Clireon

Our horse wound spray is gentle yet effective for tending to your horses' minor wounds or skin irritations, with no rinsing required. Clireon doesn't sting or burn.


There are other benefits to cleaning a horse wound naturally instead of relying on steroids and antibiotics. Clireon horse wound spray is non-toxic and safe to ingest, so it can be used around the mouth or on areas that the horse licks.


You can safely tend to minor horse wounds and skin irritations without an expensive prescription. Clireon is an affordable option that eases symptoms, promotes healing, and may reduce the chance of infection and scarring.

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Discover All-in-One Equine Relief With Clireon Horse Wound Care Products

From relieving itching and managing horse hotspots and skin conditions to providing wound care after surgery, Clireon helps eases minor wounds and skin irritations. This one product helps you care for multiple issues without needing a prescription. Whether in the stable or on the trail, Clireon is there for you.

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Add Horse Wound Care to Your Pet's First Aid Kit

Choose Clireon horse wound spray or gel for ease from itching, irritation, and minor wounds. Its active ingredient helps speed up healing so you and your horse can be back in the saddle soon. Stock up on our horse wound care products today!

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